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Star Lit Night on the Water by ladybug1024 Star Lit Night on the Water :iconladybug1024:ladybug1024 2 0


Bright by Asteripheus Bright :iconasteripheus:Asteripheus 8 4 Moonlight Waltz by BloodlineV Moonlight Waltz :iconbloodlinev:BloodlineV 476 25
My Possession, My Love 2(Jeff the Killer x Reader)
.: Your POV :.
You sat in the kitchen, debating your rather conflicting choices, when you noticed it suddenly had gotten quiet. You got up off the kitchen floor, and walked over to the window next to the door, peeking out from behind the curtains. Those bullies were gone without a trace. A relieved sigh escaped your lips and the trembling nervousness you had felt slowly went away. Now that they were gone, you could get to work on some homework while eating a snack...
“(Name)... (Name), wake up!” You opened your eyes slowly, seeing your mother leaning over you. She chuckled, straightening up. “Silly girl. You fell asleep while doing you homework again.” You shot up, looking down at your math worksheet in worry. You hadn’t drooled or anything embarrassing like that, so it must have been okay. You chuckled as well, and sat up, stretching.
“What time is it?”
“Ten. Hey... You aren’t keeping secrets from me, are you?” she asked, giv
:iconakitheshinigami:AkitheShinigami 352 108
050916 Ciel by Grace-MK 050916 Ciel :icongrace-mk:Grace-MK 157 3
Death the Kid x Reader (Ch. 10)
You sat up and yawned softly. You crawled out of your bed and stretched. You heard noises coming from Ren’s room. You walked out of your room and opened the door to Ren’s. “Um.. Ren are you okay??” You asked. “I CAN’T FIND MY CONTACTS!!!” She yelled panicking. You chuckled softly. “Um you ran out last night?” You reminded her. She face-palmed herself. “I forgot about that..” She grumbled. “Just wear your glasses.”  You replied. Ren sighed. “Fine I’ll wear them, but please buy me a new box of contacts soon.” She grumbled. “Kay!~” You stated. Ren sighed again and slid on her glasses. “This is not going to be fun..” Ren grumbled. “You’ll live.”  You replied. “Hmph!” She grunted crossing her arms. You chuckled and walked back to your room. You opened you dresser and grabbed a pair of clean undergarments. You also grabbed a (f/c) dre
:iconxxbloodystarzxx:XxBloodyStarzxX 85 25
Soul Eater Evans x Reader ~ She Knew ~ One-Shot
I just can't bring myself to do it.
I know, I knooow. I shouldn't be here right now. I shouldn't be eavesdropping on people when they were practicing. It totally isn't cool at all. But I just can't help myself. It's become a habit. A really bad, unshakable habit. 
"(Best friend's name), I wanna skip basics today. How do you feel about just practicing soul resonance?" 
I shifted my legs crisscross, listening to ____ and her weapon partner and best friend, (best friend's name) decide how they wanted to do practice today.
"If you want to, ____. I don't really mind." 
The biggest and most anxious grin appeared on ____'s face and my heart skipped a beat.
Yeah, yeah. Okay, she had a cute smile just now. Whatever. It's like that all the time. Not that I take note.
This was the habit. I was hidden here at the top of the hill nearly everyday that those two had practice. I honestly just couldn't help myself. There was something alluring about ____ that I couldn't decipher. I
:iconfiliafairy:filiafairy 486 239
Mature content
Shima x Rin RP chat :iconnarutomakesmelol:narutomakesmelol 12 3
Mature content
Past, Present, Future... :iconfreerunnercho:Freerunnercho 13 7
Mature content
REQUEST: Love Closet (Bon X Rin) ONE-SHOT :iconnekoichi379:Nekoichi379 140 50
Taking Care of Rin - Chapter 3 - Bon x Rin
Taking care of Rin - Chapter 3
Bon x Rin
A/N: Sorry it took so long. I've been so busy. And lazy. I almost forgot all about this.
"What?" Bon asked.
"Please, Ryuuji. You're the only one I can turn to." Yukio begged.
Bon sighed and closed his eyes, "How long?"
"Just a week or two."
Bon pinched the bridge of his nose and replied with a "fine". "What do I have to do?"
"Just help him with anything he needs. Like walking, school, help him with his wounds, and uh..... bathing."
"Okay, okay." He waved a hand. "When are you leaving?"
"In a little bit. And if you could just stay at our dorms it would help- a lot."
Bon nodded, "Got it."
"Thank you so much, Ryuuji. Now I might not have a heart attack from worry."
"Yeah, yeah."
Bon and Yukio walked back into the dorms to find Rin and Kuro having their own conversation. Rin smiled and looked up. "What were you guys talking about?"
"I'm leaving on a mission for a week or two, and I'm having Ryuuji take care of you while I'm gone."
"Sadly." Bon cut i
:iconshoeswithelovey:ShoeswiTheLovey 40 28
Mephisto x Amaimon Chpt. 4
As soon as Mephisto entered the bathroom he knew he had made a mistake. Amaimon was sitting in there as innocently with Behemoth among the plethora of lavender colored, soapy bubbles. The purple haired demon nearly had a stroke at the sight of him as he quickly tried to undress. He had already felt uncomfortable under the current circumstances, but his little brother sneaking him looks as he took off his shirt didn't make it any better.
Once fully unclothed he got in and sunk in up to his nose in the water, thankful for the bubbles for extra coverage. Mephisto's pink bath tub was decently large enough hold him, Behemoth, and his baby brother with a honest amount of personal space left for each of them. They both sat in awkward silence with Behemoth pawing playfully at the bubbles until the green haired demon piped up, "You like it, Aniki?"
Mephisto blinked and lifted his head out of the water a few inches to ask, "Huh?" For the first time since getting into the water he made eye contac
:iconxxdebittoxx:xxDebittoxx 68 43


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Hey if any one knows people who make really good yaoi fan fictions I wouldn't mind people suggested any.
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